A sad day indeed

Uli Fahrenberg uli at math.auc.dk
Thu Jul 29 02:14:27 PDT 2004

Dan Osterrath, Jul 29, 10:57 +0200:

> Try a "good luck" google search on "Ronals Hummelink". You will see
> your are not the only one having issues with him.

Interesting: On google.de, your receipt works (and turns out the post
Greg referred to in his mail). On google.com, it doesn't. Here you get a
post by Ronald to the patches list, with some dejagnu patches.

Lessons learned:

1; "Good luck" means something different for german people (heck we knew
that before didn't we)

2; Ronald Hummelink is not Evil[tm]. His contributions to LFS are
numerous and valuable. That said, his ego appears to be even bigger than
that, and I fully support Gerard's efforts for fixing things. Even
though I wonder what personal reasons allow him to spend time on LFS
again, 'cause when my kid was three months old, I didn't have time for

3; Note that I'm trying to move this to -chat.


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