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Thu Jul 29 02:54:20 PDT 2004

Peram's LFS user wrote:
> I've had a try on an old Ultra1 running Sol9, but ran in to a lot of
> problems.  Is there any requirements regarding patchlevels ?

There's problems fighting with SysV style system binaries ;-)

Try running the script first, it will build a solaris
native gcc (the sunfreeware one will not cut it), solaris native
binutils (required, the solaris ld tends to barf when faced with gnu
command line options), gnu sed, grep, gettext, autotools and some
parts of coreutils.

Once you've got a decent suite of gnu host-tools things become easier,
but you still end up with issues :-/

Best way is build as a user under your homedir, change your .profile
to put the host-tools directory first in PATH (so hopefully the newly
created coreutils echo will get used over the system one)

You may also want to set CONFIG_SHELL=ksh during glibc configure.

Note setting CONFIG_SHELL to get around some issues creates problems
with braindead libtool in places it is used (thankfully not in glibc,
but libstdc++ is a different story...)

There's a few notes in the scripts which note where things break
on solaris, you'll see what I mean ;-) I'm still hacking away in
places on solaris builds by hand, you'll probably need to too unless
you or I sort the scripts out adequately.

Needless to say, there is some fun to be had ;-)

Best regards (and good luck ;-) )

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