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Thu Jul 29 03:33:52 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 00:59, Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> Brian Beattie wrote:
> > Am I correct that this is a set of scripts, as opposed to a book?
> Yep, just scripts ( /me and doco dont get on very well ), though there
> are plenty of comments...

Well I'm more of a hacker than a writer myself, but I can spin a few
words though perhaps not as polished as the mainstream book.

> > I would really like to see a book just like the LFS book for doing a
> > cross build.
> That is the eventual aim.... But I'm no wordsmith ;-)
> You probably couldn't do a generic book however, you would want to be
> able to render a book based on the desired target arch and the host
> you are building on, otherwise it would be very messy (look at how many
> conditionals are in the scripts... )

If it can be scripted it can be written up, narative can get away with
more handwaving than a script can. :)  In any case I view this as a more
advanced text than LFS, so many things can be done, as "here is an
example, you will probably want to di it different..."

> > I have just started working from a version of these scripts to
> > produce the text for such a book (no actual words just yet).

> Producing text? You are well ahead of me mate ;-)

no actual text juts yet, I was in the process of taking my first stab at
running the scripts to try to understand what you had done.

> I haven't found anybody to offload the doco onto this time :-P
> (Finn hates writing doco almost as much as me)

I may not be much better, but I may want a book more :)

> > If anybody else is interested in this, or is doing this let me know.
> :-)
> Maybe before going too far getting doco down we should get LFS6.0
> out the door.

I think most of the text will be the same for 6 as 5.

> Probably be good to have a few more people hammering on the build
> method as well (after people have had a go at testing
> LFS6.0 of course ;-) )
> Anyhoo Brian, will be in touch :-)

Ok, in the meantime I'll grab the latest scripts when they get updated.

>  Regards
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