bootscripts for testing branch: release tomorrow

conathan at conathan at
Thu Jul 29 09:45:28 PDT 2004

Just a heads up, tomorrow I shall be releasing rc1, and I am going to
include the following.

(Was planning on doing this earlier, but no free time until friday)

a) jim had a patch for changing the MTU [some echo "$MTU" >
/sys/somewhere/eth0/mtu], I was going to make into a optional service into

b) Applying DJ's change to stick the PIDFILE check within getpids.  (I
dont know if that last post to lfs-dev was your final patch or not, so if
you can restick it on this thread if it isn't)

c) I never heard any finalization on what should happen with checkfs, but
it sounded like we should leave it alone for now.

If there are any further changes that people wish included before the
bootscripts are finalized for the testing branch, please speak up now.

the following shall be incorperated after the release of LFS 6.0...  and I
am not able to make good discussion at this time.  (aka, hold onto your
ideas for a while)

a) the make upgrade option, which will be able to upgrade from a previous
version of the bootscripts.  [probably within a 2.(x-1) timeline].
(probably next version after this one)

b) I may make a mesg, mesg-screen mesg-log function for use of logging
[perhaps by the logging binary, (which I never checked).  [more or less,
instead of echo, we'll use mesg.].  (far future thing).

c) I noticed that some spots there are spaces, and other parts tabs.  I
also noticed that the if [ whatever ]; then parts are not always
consistant.  *shrug*, it'll take time to check over everything.

d) udev, and hotplug do a check to see if the udev, or hotplug daemon are
installed, otherwise exit 0.  I'd rather output a warning if they dont
exist, or not run the check at all.  Nonused scripts should probably be
removed.  (discussed later, probably in a version or two this will be

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