Comments for LFS-Book V6.0-testing-200407022

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Jul 30 20:54:42 PDT 2004

Scott Lemke wrote:

> Grub fails the tests because of ufs2, and using the configure option
> --disable-ufs2 still does nothing to fix this. Probably an upstream
> issue, but I thought I would mention it here as a note saying it will
> probably fail the tests on that point might be in order.

Yes, we know about this one, and it's a combination of a GRUB problem 
and a new gcc (newer than 3.2.x). This results in the ufs2 stage1.5 
loader being too large to fit in the hidden boot area of a ufs2 
filesystem, so the test fails.

The simplest fix is to get --disable-ufs2 to actually work, but you are 
right, that is an upstream issue. If you make a patch, we'll support 
your efforts to get it included into GRUB mainline :-)

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