Comments for LFS-Book V6.0-testing-200407022

Tobias Gasser tg at
Sat Jul 31 04:25:12 PDT 2004

>>I had an issue with udev, it was my host system using a funky spot for
>>install, they had it in /bin instead of /usr/bin, but the udev Makefile
>>has it hardwired to /bin. Not a rough fix, just edit the Makefile, but
>>maybe a note stating that it may puke if install is not in /bin
>FHS says install should be in /bin, not /usr/bin - better solution is a
>symlink so install is in it's FHS-compliant place.

why hardcoded pathes at all?
don't we have the path set to both /bin and /usr/bin?

possibly there are situations where hardcoded pathes are ok, but i guess 
in most cases not.
not even in chapter 5, as the standard-path is prefixed with the tools!

i propose to remove pathes wherever possible in all scripts.


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