Comments for LFS-Book V6.0-testing-200407022

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sat Jul 31 05:14:20 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley (-J-), LFS Staff wrote:
>> May want to use a different font for the code sections, the accents
>> ` and the single quotes ' look a lot alike, and to an un-accustomed
 >> sed user can get frustrating.
> I myself usually recommend copy/pasting sed expressions, especially 
> the more complex ones - typos are too easily made.

Which seds are in question here, all of them?

Maybe it would help to use $( and ) instead of backticks?  That does the
same thing (unless the $ is escaped, or unless the whole thing is inside
single quotes -- which is the same thing).

They are bash-only (IIRC) though, so maybe not (or maybe only in chapter
6 where we're sure the user is using bash).  It does make them easier to
tell apart from single quotes though.

But what font would you (Scott) use that differentiates enough between
the two symbols?  Do we all have that font?  Do we all *want* that font?
;-)  (I'm just remembering the ... interesting discussions we went
through a few months ago when Jeroen wanted to change the fonts in the
book to make the size of the monospace stuff more similar to the size of
the other text, by making them the same font family.  IIRC, it ended up
not being done because the reader (if they want) can instead just set
their browser preferences so that their monospace font is whichever font
family they like.  But if the book would specify a font family, then to
override it the user would have to start hacking their browser's CSS, if
available.  Somebody around here also has a sig -- "No anti-aliased
fonts, please.  If I want text to be blurry, I'll take off my glasses."
;-) )

But anyway, almost all monospace fonts that I've seen make these symbols
look similar (though if I'm paying attention I can usually tell the
difference -- backticks usually run at an angle, and single quotes
usually do not).

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