Comments for LFS-Book V6.0-testing-200407022

David George david at
Sat Jul 31 07:30:56 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:

> <snip>
>> LFS needs searchable archives.  Going through the archives on the web 
>> is painful at best.  The alternative, downloading the archive and 
>> viewing/searching in {vi,insert editor of choice} is our only real 
>> alternative.  Google doesn't seem to search the LFS lists like it 
>> does some others.
> <snip>
> Firstly, LFS does have searchable archives at 
> and you can even now 
> specify which list you want to search on specifically.

Thank you so much.  I was looking for the search on the mailing list page.

> Secondly, Google does search the LFS lists as I've done it several 
> times. I don't mean to be hostile (as it sounded re-reading this 
> post), but I just want to point out that this part of your post was 
> incorrect.

Must have just been my bad luck then.

Thanks again.

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