Printed book update -- SVN-testing freeze

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Jul 31 08:58:29 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

The first editorial round on the printed book has been finished and I
will be incorporating this into SVN soon (soon = when we figure out how
to go about it).

The testing branch may seem a good choice at first because the printed
book will be LFS-6.0 as well. However, there are some changes between
the online 6.0 and the printed 6.0 book which we have to discuss now
before I can include all these changes into SVN.

Things that are different are, for example, a lack of Changelog (it just
doesn't make sense to have one in the printed edition -- we also omitted
it from the previous printed book which was LFS-4.1 based). A few things
are being shuffled around to an Appendix because from a professional
print point of view it makes more sense (acknowledgements from chapter 1
is one such example).

And there is the fact that the copy of LFS-testing we have been editing
was a copy pulled on July 9th and so any changes made after that day are
not included in our text updates. Package updates that have taken place
aren't a big deal, I'll just make sure that our updated text still
matches the new package version with regards to explanations of command
line parameters and things like that.

The edits are currently in an office document (out of convenience due to
the large sweeping rewrites that had to take place) so it'll take a bit
of time to incorporate that into XML. Not a big deal, just some
copy&pasting and re-applying the XML tags in the text.

On the upside, the text to the LFS book is proper now. It sounds
uniform, is gramatically correct everywhere and it looks all around very
professional and of high quality.

SVN-testing should be frozen soon for updates. I'd freeze it starting
right now, but I have to hear from you guys if that is feasible and if
there are any pending important updates that must go into LFS-6.0 (i'm
still catching up here).

Assuming there are no pending updates, consider SVN-testing frozen right
now and the plan of attack is as follows:

1) Draft #1 which I have as an Office document will go into SVN-testing.
This will be completed by August 3rd.
2) I render a new book from lfs-testing that includes our text updates
combined with all the work you guys have done since July 9th
3) This second draft will be edited again, which we estimate will take
about a week (from August 3rd).
4) Those last edits go into SVN-testing and PDF and PS files to to the
publisher for printing.

When the books are being printed, pre-sale orders can be accepted and
the online version of LFS-6.0 can be released.

The current SVN-testing branch isn't suitable for both the printed and
online book unless some magic can be applied that gets me renderred a
book that has the contents shifted around a little depending on the
stylesheet and certain parts omitted entirely. I'm sure it's possible,
but is it possible in a short timeframe? I'm not sure.

So what I propose right now in a nutshell, not having all the

Freeze SVN-testing. I duplicate the current testing branch to a printed
branch. I apply draft #1 changes to the printing branch and remove the
sections that are going to be removed from the book and shuffle other
sections around (there's not a lot of that, just one or two parts). Then
we can merge the relevant changes I made to the printed branch into the
testing branch.

Another, maybe better idea: copy the testing branch to 6.x branch and
work from that one. Testing won't be frozen, but 6.x will be frozen and
we'll keep the 6.x and 6.x-printed branches in sync, then release the
two books from them at the same time.

Let me know if there are going to be conflicts or if you have any other
comments in general.

Gerard Beekmans

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