Printed book update -- SVN-testing freeze

conathan at conathan at
Sat Jul 31 09:28:19 PDT 2004

> On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 22:09, conathan at wrote:
>> The bootscripts are going to be modified slightly, no textual changes.
>> [just a reminder].
> When do you think to update this? Of course a branch can't be frozen
> while those updates are pending, so the sooner you can do this, the
> better of course. Nothing can be sent to the publisher until all package
> versions are final.
> --
> Gerard Beekmans

meant to do it yesterday, but my schedule got a bit messed up.

farely minor changes, in all.  [killproc, I was going to apply DJ's fixup
patch (you can use the PIDFILE directly, if the PIDFILE variable is
exported)], and add a new service into contrib that can change the MTU of
a interface.

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