New Beta Bootscript Package 20040601

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Tue Jun 1 21:28:50 PDT 2004

We moved the optional module's script symlink to S35modules [rcsysinit.d
dir].  This way it can load modules before mounting filesystems.  With the
kernel patch that people dont want to use, this should fix the problem on
devices being created on boot by those with / rw filesystems on bootup.

The udev script will either pass udev or hotplug to
/proc/sys/kernel/hotplug (both are currently untested as of yet, but 99%
sure they work).

Some additional keymaps for /etc/sysconfig/console, and install
/etc/sysconfig/console files by default.

Nothing too major, but just thought I'd put it into the open.

Probably not major enough changes for a new release...

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