linux/config.h (unstable)

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Jun 6 18:45:23 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> DJ Lucas wrote:

> I think a note in the book is better, to the best of my knowledge 
> there's only 3 packages known to use this broken include - XFree86, Xorg,
> and Xine-lib.  The thing we need to find out is, has anyone taken this 
> upstream to them and found out how they will be handling this in future 
> releases? 


> I'm especially interested in Ian's take on this, as a kernel hacker type 
> guy :)

As Ian mentioned, it's better for footnote material.  If these are the 
only three packages...  I'll do cvs checkouts and see where they are 
now...if they are not changed, I'll search and then drop a note on it to 
the correct devel crews if necessary.  Also, I'd be interested to see 
what is up with the distros' versions of the headers.  I would think 
that alone should determine wether or not the upstream maintainers make 
the necessary change.  At anyrate I'll do a bit more homework, however, 
if it is decided to be a footnote, then the improper fix I had suggested 
  should *not* be mentioned.

-- DJ Lucas

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