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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jun 7 15:43:53 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess said the following on 07-06-2004 21:31:
> Firstly, apologies for any incovenience caused by the way I signed and
> distributed my key - but this was done under advisement as I'm a GPG
> newbie too!  I *did* upload my key to a key-server, but also provide my
> key on belgarath for those that want it that way.  Additionally, the
> tarball mirrors provide a copy of my key, although I did this for
> convenience rather than security (due to both the tarball and key being
> on the same server).

No problem, just demonstrates my point :-)

> Lastly, the books educational goal is no less important than it ever has
> been, neither do I think the barrier to entry has been raised
> significantly by recent changes.  If the newbie was unable to compile
> a kernel on an LFS-5.1 book, they'd be screwed...just at a much later
> stage than if they can't compile one on an LFS-HEAD book.  Better to
> warn them early IMO.

Getting OT here, but my point is that up to LFS-5.1, anyone could start 
using LFS without adjusting the host distro. I suspect some newbies even 
just use their hosts' kernel config, just as recommended by the book. 
There have been posts by them about this on lfs-support, and the message 
should probably go since it doesn't fit the assumption that a user is 
able to compile his own kernel. For LFS-6.x, we require a reader to 
build a 2.6 kernel on the host. This means that the same newbies who 
were able to get along fine with their hosts' kernel and .config will 
now be filtered out at the start of the book. I agree with this, as long 
as we provide references to other documents which they can read and then 
return to LFS. This is my intention with the Wiki docs on the rewriting 
of the kernel instructions.

All in all, the barrier seems to be just right, IMHO, as long as its 
accomponied by enough references to other documents so even newbies can 
still theoretically use LFS as starting point for learning about Linux 
(just as I and many others have, ages ago).

Jeroen Coumans

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