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Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon Jun 7 22:25:29 PDT 2004

Over the last few days there has been a naming scheme update for patches. 
All patches are now compliant with the new naming scheme. Here is the new
naming scheme format.

1) Package names and versions should follow the format defined by the
package maintainer (i.e. cracklib would be cracklib,2.7, gcc would be
gcc-3.3.4, etc.).  Changing conventions (e.g. ',' or '-' or differing
package names) shouldn't be a consideration - it's up to upstream how
they package their tarballs and we should reflect their naming

2) Where package descriptions have multiple words, those words should be
'_' separated to differentiate between the '-' separated fields we have
on the patches project at present.

3) The version field should be mandatory (even if they're simply
numbered '1' for their initial version).

Jereon will be posting this information on the patches website soon.

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