distro based on *lfs

Andrei Oprisan aioprisan at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 10:02:58 PDT 2004

hi everybody!
I'm pleased to announce that later this month I will
release a distribution based entirely 
on lfs/blfs (and at times based on belfs also).
it will feature an "advanced yet simple" package management
system (think rpm, with 
both binary and source packages, yet everything is written
in simple shell scripts).
this means that, just like rpm and all the advances package
management systems out 
there, it will have a header on top of the package, giving
the package's name, version, 
release, architecture, maintainer, dependencies, summary...
the package management system is called opsystem and it has
a web site at 
http://opsystem.org (I will change the homepage in a few
days, as pretty much all the 
links are dead and will add a forum too, preparing for the
first release of the package 
management system later this week). For the second release,
I plan to add an automatic 
upgrade system also, incorporated in opsystem (think
apt-get and emerge combined, as 
you will be able to install any/every package either from
source or from binary packages.)
now, the distribution...: it's gonna be called "op.Linux",
and it will stand for "optimized 
Linux", as the distribution will be optimized for the i686.
again, this will be a distribution based greatly on
lfs/belfs/blfs, thus following those 
commands (at times they may be changed, but very rarely and
why changes were made 
will be documented.)
also, there will also be a live cd made available which one
can use to install a fully 
operational op.Linux system, but unlike all (if I'm not
mistaken), this will be the first live 
cd out there where if you want to do a full install, you
can actually choose which package 
from the ones installed on the cd you want to install
(powered by opsystem, 
dependencies won't be a problem at all.)
so what do you guys think? good idea/bad idea?
any suggestion/comments on anything that I just said would
be greatly appreciated.
thank you for your time and consideration everyone.
Andrei Oprisan

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