New Bootscripts maintainers

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Wed Jun 9 21:36:13 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> The LFS-Bootscripts team is pleased to announce 2 additions to our 
>> growing team:
>> DJ Lucas has agreed to take on the task of helping to ensure that the 
>> LFS and BLFS bootscripts stay in sync.  DJ was very instrumental in 
>> the early stages of the bootscripts rewrite, and we look forward to 
>> his further contribution.
>> Alexander Patrakov will be further donating his i18n/l10n knowledge 
>> into making sure the bootscripts work with these functions of a 
>> modern linux system.
> I prefer this sentence to be reworded. Right now it's quite confusing. 
> It implies that I should provide means for startup messages to be 
> translated, do I get that right?

As far as I'm concerned, your sole duty in regard to bootscripts is to 
ensure that any changes you make to the "Core" LFS stuff in regard to 
i18n is also accounted for in the bootscripts, if needed.  You are, of 
course, free to dabble in other areas, just as with LFS, but all I 
expect is to keep us in sync with changes you might make in LFS.

> For now, there are the following i18n-related problems with 
> bootscripts (reply to lfs-dev):
> 1) No translation of messages (P5). Hard to solve if /usr is a 
> separate partition, but this can be special-cased.
> 2) No support for UTF-8 (P3). The only package in the LFS book that 
> doesn't like UTF-8 and is impossible to patch is groff (after such 
> patching it will not conform to groff specification and one will not 
> be able to call such a thing "groff"). Thus, it is reasonable to 
> provide UTF-8 support in bootscripts. This will require addition of 
> two more variables into the /etc/sysconfig/i18n file: the 
> UNICODE=yes/no variable and the variable indicating the "legacy" 8-bit 
> charset for keymap conversion.
> 3) Some packages in BLFS (Apache, CUPS) may behave differently when 
> started with the correct locale settings (P2).

Feel free to make whatever changes are necessary for LFS matters, and 
perhaps work with DJ/BLFS-Dev for anything related to their stuff.  
You're the i18n expert, that's why you're there.  I for one will not 
second-guess you.


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