Makefile for LFS 5,1

Michael Kipper mkipper at
Fri Jun 11 12:08:48 PDT 2004

Christophe Devine <devine at> wrote in news:ca9e61$3h5$1

>    Hey folks,
> Would anyone use a Makefile to build LFS 5.1 ? If there is at least
> half a dozen people that find it useful I'm willing to write it;
> otherwise I think it would be a waste of time.
> Christophe

I am definitely interested.

I have been using Chris Lingard's boot CD with the Makefile to rebuild 
my LFS system for some time now. Unfortunately, he's now serving LFS-
6.0-TP, and I never got a copy of a final v5.1 build.

I have created my own ALFS build system, using Makefiles by creating 
separate Makefiles for each package in a directory. Kind of looks like:

 |  |-bash
 |     |-Makefile
 |     |-bash.tar.gz

The main Makefile is made up of statements like:
make -C packages/bash all
make -C packages/gcc all
make -C packages/glibc inside-chroot
make -C packages/gcc inside-chroot

If anyone has any comments about this, or has done this kind of thing 
before, let me know. I liked this method better than one huge Makefile 
because it allowed for easier maintenance and package upgrading. I have 
yet to implement an easy way of package management, though. Right now 
you have to make sure all dependencies are met yourself.

Michael Kipper
mkipper at

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