Kernel page, once again

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Sat Jun 12 12:21:37 PDT 2004

The current kernel page is too bad because people naively expect Hotplug 
to load all modules and Udev to create all devices they need. There was 
already three support requests on the "ALSA+Udev" topic.

Such a number of almost identical support requests, especially with 
wrong answers on the list, indicates a problem in the book. To correct 
that, I wrote some documentation concerning automatic module loading and 
added it to the chapter08/kernel.xml file. I had to do so because I 
cannot point to some ready-made documentation -- it just doesn't exist 
or is plain wrong.

I have not committed this file to CVS, though, because the changes are 
nontrivial and need to be discussed. The new kernel.xml file is attached.

What I don't like in my variant is that almost nothing is said about Udev.

Please read, add comments, fix all FIXMEs, and mail back.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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