Makefile for LFS 5,1

Michael Kipper mkipper at
Mon Jun 14 14:03:24 PDT 2004

Christophe Devine <devine at> wrote in news:caet8a$tn9$1

> I prefer this method too - it's just simpler to upgrade one single
> package without having to meddle with one huge file. How about making
> your scripts available on some http server ?

I will work on making them available.
For now, I have been using them to create a MythTV PVR, with some other 
server stuff, like Apache and BIND. However, if people want to help me make 
it purely LFS compatible, that would be great.
I'm one of those people who blur the line between LFS & BLFS, like doing 
the bash startup files as part of LFS. To me, those files are inherent 
configuration issues with bash, which has no place in BLFS. But anyways...
I will try and secure some webspace (CVS?) and get back to you.


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