Makefile for LFS 5,1

Michael Kipper mkipper at
Mon Jun 14 16:57:21 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley <jeremy at> wrote in
news:1087247184.2049.2.camel at 
> Michael - if assistance is needed, I can donate an account on a server
> with a SVN repo for you.  Just let me know.


I think that before I go ahead with this, I'll write up a quick RFC, and 
people can throw in their two cents on how this should be done. Just 
because it works for me, doesn't mean it's the best or right way.
The reason I like this method better than the current ALFS method is that 
it uses pre-existing LFS packages (i.e. make & bash) rather than custom 
software (i.e. nALFS).

Look out in the next few days for an RFC on this topic.

Also, having never used a subversioning system, if you can throw me a link 
to a good tutorial, that would be great too.

Michael Kipper
mkipper at

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