Question About Unstable "Host system requirements"

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Tue Jun 15 06:49:36 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 07:25 am, Ken Moffat wrote:

> eugghh.  Another example of outside-the-book documents falling behind
> (or being used for more than was intended - building 2.6 kernels with
> gcc-2.95.3 is probably fine for most things except nptl).

The lack of notation on this point in the book probably wouldn't be as 
big of a deal if other references didn't *tell* you it's a good idea to 
use gcc-2.95.3.  I fell into this trap too because of the outside-docs.  

IMHO, what's really annoying is that *after* I fretted over the failures 
and banged my head trying to figure out what I did wrong, and got 
pointed in the right direction by a kind Mr. Utley, *chapter 8* in the 
book says:

"NPTL requires the kernel to be compiled with GCC 3.x, in this case 
3.4.1-20040601. Compiling with 2.95.x is known to cause failures in the 
glibc testsuite, so do not compile the kernel with gcc 2.95.x unless 
you know what you're getting yourself into."

That's wonderful and all, but that note should be in chapter 5, under 
host system requirements, as well.  Unless, of course, you want people 
to keep reporting this problem...

Jeremy Huntwork

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