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Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Tue Jun 15 23:51:11 PDT 2004

Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> I will be satisfied with any of the following four solutions:
>> 1) default to + no hotplug, take udev and hotplug
>> out of the book 2) Remove the bogus "modular-build" hint by Jim
>> Gifford (or rename it to modular-build-2.4 and replace 2.6 with 2.4
>> everywhere - then the hint will be perfect), replace it with a real
>> thing, put a link into the book. 3) Put udev and hotplug
>> documentation into the book itself 4) Clearly state our current
>> assumption that the reader knows everything about hotplug, udev and
>> modular kernels, and already has a working combination of these
>> three items. This would result in empty stated target audience, but
>> the fact is that our real target audience (i.e., set of people who
>> are ready to read the book) is already empty.
>> I will prefer (2) or (3).
> about number 2, Probably contacting the author of the hint would be a
>  better solution to getting your proposed changes, as well as a
> suggestion on how udev has depreciated the modules.conf
> configuration.

I have already contacted Jim, ane got a reply on 2004-05-24 13:22. He
acknowledged the problem ("I understand your concern. This hint was
originally destined for the 5.1 book, but after recent events things
changed and Matt asked me to make it a hint instead.")

And udev/hotplug does not mean that modprobe.conf is empty! aliases go
away, but many equivalents of old "above"/"below" directives come in.

> A page on configuring udev and hotplug in chapter 7 could be handy I 
> beleve.
A separate page is not needed. Just add text to an existing one in ch6.
The only remaining issues are:
1) Tell the reader about /etc/dev.d - will that do today
2) Kernel modules, that is the subject of this thread.
> (BTW, on lfs-hackers, someone said there was a better way to 
> configure udev other then that config patch we apply [udev-26, I
> believe].

You seem to lag one day behind CVS HEAD.

> Normally, I know that the book doesnt like to add package
> configuration information to the book as such, [other then static
> configuration files and/or an explination].  I was going to suggest
> adding how /etc/rc.d/init.d/cleanfs can create additional files [such
> as kernel modules] to a new page in chapter 7.  [for modules that do
> not export a /sys interface, and not picked up by udev]

I probably understand you, but your statement has to be reformulated in
order to confirm this. You are basically (as I understand) saying the

The "cleanfs" script can use /etc/sysconfig/createfiles file to create
(among other things) device nodes missed by udev because the driver has
no sysfs support yet. We have to document the use and syntax of that
file somewhere in the book, in ch7.

> Out of curiosity, how much is explained in the building a kernel
> howto at tldp?  I think we pointed to that [note, I never checked].

The Kernel Howto has been removed from The text there says
that it has been removed for review, and a pointer to an alternative
document (Kernel Rebuild Guide) is on the page.

I have mailed the original author (Brian Ward) about the problems we 
have, in hope that udev and hotplug stuff will be added to the next 
version of Kernel Howto, and received the following reply on 2004-05-30 
10:09 (so the words "for review" on are wrong):

> I no longer maintain the Kernel-HOWTO, so I cannot help you with
> anything regarding that document. You can download the kernel chapter
> (10) from my new book here, if you think it might help you:
(that link is broken now)
> It covers general kernel building practice, module stuff, the new
> modprobe.conf format, boot loaders, ... that sort of thing. However, I
> have not had the time to put it into HTML format, and I probably won't
> for a little while yet. Also, its main focus is kernel version 2.6.

In other mail:

>> I have read that. In general, it's a very good tutorial for users who 
>> don't use udev or hotplug. But for our purposes, it's just outdated.
> Hotplug is in another chapter. udev was (and still is) too new when I
> wrote it.

That chapter is available for payment only, so I could not read it.

Also I sent mail to the author of "Kernel Rebuild Guide" where I 
mentioned that udev and hotplug add some specifics to the process. I 
have detailed all the problems. No reply came, and the "Kernel Rebuild 
Guide" still doesn't include the information we look for.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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