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Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Wed Jun 16 00:32:45 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> The problem I see is, instead of constructive suggestions as to how to 
> fix the problem, you are wanting to just take them out.  If we did that 
> every time we have problems, we'd have never gotten past LFS 4.0 and the 
> NSS libs issues.  A lot of the confusion with the recent questions is 
> because the OP was posting to the incorrect list for his question 
> (BLFS-Support instead of LFS-Hackers), and many people didn't realize 
> that the OP was on a udev-driven system, and therefore were giving 
> suggestions that would NOT work in that enviornment.  I think the 
> community needs to come together and try to work these issues out, not 
> go running away from bringing the book forward to where it should be.

Very true, but I want to add some words.

We cannot work these issues out if only two or three editors (known: 
Jeremy Utley and myself) actually use udev+hotplug+modules, and the 
others just read white papers, README files, ads, ask "what's the 
problem", and continue using static /dev.

If you don't want to poison your known-good host system, build in chroot 
and then transfer the image into qemu (free but slow) or vmware 
(expensive and fast, but don't use 4.5.x versions because of bugs).
Alexander E. Patrakov
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