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Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Wed Jun 16 04:26:38 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Just for the record, here are the "gotcha's" I have found working with
> my 2.6/udev/hotplug systems:
> 1) Stock Nvidia drivers do not register themselves in sysfs - 2
> different work-arounds are available - either by using Nathan and Zack's
> /etc/sysconfig/createfiles to create /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl, or
> alternately by using a patch to the nvidia drivers that causes them to
> register with sysfs (Roel Neefs is using this method successfully
> himself).

The createfiles approach works. BTW I have an NVIDIA card too. For the 
approach with the patch (haven't tried that), could you please explain 
me why the nvidia driver is loaded on your system? Does the patch also 
make the driver detectable by hotplug?

> 2) Same situation with VMWare kernel modules - again, using createfiles
> is an acceptable short-term solution to this where it's necessary

Agreed. I also use VMware on a regular basis.

> 3) Alsa's OSS compatibility modules do not autoload.  Fixed with a
> one-line addition to /etc/modprobe.conf as already outlined by Alexander
> - personally, I consider this a bad thing, because given the current
> state of linux software, I don't see why anyone would really want to use
> ALSA without OSS compatibility, but that's IMHO.

I also consider any boilerplate lines in /etc/modprobe.conf a bad thing. 
Will send mail to Rusty Russel and ask about any plans to fix that. The 
list of known boilerplate lines is below. I also know that there are 
many more.

install snd-pcm modprobe -i snd-pcm ; modprobe snd-pcm-oss ; true
install snd-seq modprobe -i snd-seq ; modprobe snd-seq-oss ; true
install parport modprobe -i parport ; modprobe lp ; modprobe ppdev ; \
install mptbase modprobe -i mptbase ; modprobe mptscsih ; modprobe \
	mptctl ; modprobe mptlan ; true
install usb-storage modprobe -i usb-storage ; modprobe sd-mod ; true

I use ALSA and UFB flash drive, so I need three of them. I could also 
use the "parport" line, but I use an initscript that just 
unconditionally probes all modules that have a char-major or block-major 
alias either in modules.alias, or in modprobe.conf. This way, the udev 
and non-udev kernel configurations are identical if they both account 
for hotplug issues like the install lines for ALSA above.

A suggestion to add knowledge about these lines to the dumb hotplug 
script instead of modprobe.conf sounds like a proposal to make the "cat" 
utility recognize all Microsoft file types (.doc, .avi, etc.) and make 
the necessary adjustments when concatenating their contents.

> 4) Some older hardware such as old ISA stuff doesn't auto-load.  The fix
> for this is to just manually load the driver if needed.  At some point,
> we'll probably have to implement a bootscript that loads kernel modules
> at boot, or trust that our users are intelligent enough to use the
> modprobe command themselves.

We could just use Zack's "modules" script.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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