Synchronize acknowledgements

Jeroen Coumans jha.coumans at
Wed Jun 16 05:58:47 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork said the following on 16-06-2004 14:44:
> That sounds reasonable.  I suppose setting up proper accounts for the 
> Wiki and specifying which pages are completely open and which are 
> editable by trusted users is too much overhead?

The developers Wiki is based on an old version of PhpWiki, which doesn't 
have the fine-grained access controls that we require. The new website, 
based on TWiki, has exactly those requirements and allows us to define 
per page who (user or group) may view, edit and/or remove/rename it. So 
for now we'll have to live with the pain of manual synchronization and 
the insecurity of the Wiki. I don't want to transfer any "production 
material" to TWiki yet since it's not completely certain if it fits all 
our needs.

Jeroen Coumans

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