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Roel Neefs roel at
Wed Jun 16 09:21:24 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 13:26, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote:
> > Just for the record, here are the "gotcha's" I have found working with
> > my 2.6/udev/hotplug systems:
> > 
> > 1) Stock Nvidia drivers do not register themselves in sysfs - 2
> > different work-arounds are available - either by using Nathan and Zack's
> > /etc/sysconfig/createfiles to create /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl, or
> > alternately by using a patch to the nvidia drivers that causes them to
> > register with sysfs (Roel Neefs is using this method successfully
> > himself).
> The createfiles approach works. BTW I have an NVIDIA card too. For the 
> approach with the patch (haven't tried that), could you please explain 
> me why the nvidia driver is loaded on your system? Does the patch also 
> make the driver detectable by hotplug?

It doesn't get hotplugged :/ I just use the solution in 4) here, load at
boottime. It's not very clean ofcourse. The patch does exactly what the
createfiles solution does, the result is nvidia0 and nvidiactl.

> > 4) Some older hardware such as old ISA stuff doesn't auto-load.  The fix
> > for this is to just manually load the driver if needed.  At some point,
> > we'll probably have to implement a bootscript that loads kernel modules
> > at boot, or trust that our users are intelligent enough to use the
> > modprobe command themselves.
> We could just use Zack's "modules" script.
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