Kernel page, once again

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Wed Jun 16 10:05:07 PDT 2004

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 02:18:03AM -0700, Jeremy Utley wrote:
> 1) Stock Nvidia drivers do not register themselves in sysfs - 2
> different work-arounds are available - either by using Nathan and Zack's
> /etc/sysconfig/createfiles to create /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl, or
> alternately by using a patch to the nvidia drivers that causes them to
> register with sysfs (Roel Neefs is using this method successfully
> himself).

As am I.  It works great (though as was posted by Roel, I think, it
doesn't get hotplugged).  I believe that it doesn't get hotplugged due
to a lack of a MODULE_ALIAS in the source for pci:<something> (whatever
the <something> is supposed to be, I'm not sure).

Wait, just a double-check.  The patch that I'm using was found via a
"writing udev rules" document, here:

that points at a patch posted to lkml (written by Martin Schlemmer),

That's the patch I'm using at least.

Maybe I should start looking at how to write one of those MODULE_ALIAS
macros, and put the patch up somewhere...  at least, I *think* that's
all that it needs.  Maybe it won't help, but it's worth a shot.

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