Kernel page, once again

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Wed Jun 16 15:48:58 PDT 2004

>> about number 2, Probably contacting the author of the hint would be a
>>  better solution to getting your proposed changes, as well as a
>> suggestion on how udev has depreciated the modules.conf
>> configuration.
> I have already contacted Jim, ane got a reply on 2004-05-24 13:22. He
> acknowledged the problem ("I understand your concern. This hint was
> originally destined for the 5.1 book, but after recent events things
> changed and Matt asked me to make it a hint instead.")

sorry then.

> And udev/hotplug does not mean that modprobe.conf is empty! aliases go
> away, but many equivalents of old "above"/"below" directives come in.

depreciated, I meant lost value, not worthless [I should have explained
better].  [standard stuff, chicken and egg problems].

>> A page on configuring udev and hotplug in chapter 7 could be handy I
>> beleve.
> A separate page is not needed. Just add text to an existing one in ch6.
> The only remaining issues are:
> 1) Tell the reader about /etc/dev.d - will that do today
> 2) Kernel modules, that is the subject of this thread.

well, that works too.

>> (BTW, on lfs-hackers, someone said there was a better way to
>> configure udev other then that config patch we apply [udev-26, I
>> believe].
> You seem to lag one day behind CVS HEAD.

whoops...  sorry.

>> Normally, I know that the book doesnt like to add package
>> configuration information to the book as such, [other then static
>> configuration files and/or an explination].  I was going to suggest
>> adding how /etc/rc.d/init.d/cleanfs can create additional files [such
>> as kernel modules] to a new page in chapter 7.  [for modules that do
>> not export a /sys interface, and not picked up by udev]
> I probably understand you, but your statement has to be reformulated in
> order to confirm this. You are basically (as I understand) saying the
> following:
> The "cleanfs" script can use /etc/sysconfig/createfiles file to create
> (among other things) device nodes missed by udev because the driver has
> no sysfs support yet. We have to document the use and syntax of that
> file somewhere in the book, in ch7.

I meant the sentence as an explination of why I believe udev/hotplug
documentation cant hurt, not that now is a good time to document the
createfiles function.

>> Out of curiosity, how much is explained in the building a kernel
>> howto at tldp?  I think we pointed to that [note, I never checked].
> The Kernel Howto has been removed from The text there says
> that it has been removed for review, and a pointer to an alternative
> document (Kernel Rebuild Guide) is on the page.
> I have mailed the original author (Brian Ward) about the problems we
> have, in hope that udev and hotplug stuff will be added to the next
> version of Kernel Howto, and received the following reply on 2004-05-30
> 10:09 (so the words "for review" on are wrong):

another whoops,

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