udev/hotplug: A call for testers

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Wed Jun 16 16:29:18 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

>As you are no doubt aware, there are some issues surrounding udev &
>hotplug in the current unstable book.  The unstable branch is by no
>means in a fit state to promote to "testing" yet, so this is a request
>for folks to start testing the current instructions (at
>http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/unstable/) to see exactly what
>problems there are.  I'd prefer people to focus their attention on the
>udev and hotplug configuration for obvious reasons, but any other
>constructive comments are welcome too of course.
>Obviously, please be sensible and don't try this on critical hardware -
>we can't guarantee any kind of success or failure rate, although the
>toolchain is fairly robust (for x86 at least!).
>If you're willing to give it a shot and help the project out, can you
>please read through
>for how to provide feedback.

  I'll be glad to help out.  Right now I'm trying to install LFS CVS on 
a Dell Laptop.  I'm using the current instructions and I'll give 
feedback.  There are lots of hardware options to check out including 
Nvidia video, 3com nic, AC97 audio, usb, etc.  It should be a good workout.

  I just finished glibc in Chapter 6 and I'm doing this without scripts 
to make myself be a little more patient.  This will be a sytem that I'll 
use to prototype BLFS packages for the BLFS 6 release.  Im using a RH 
system upgraded to a non-modular linux 2.6.6 compiled with gcc 3.2.  
Right now I'm concerned about glibc...

  When I run the tests, I get 25 failures in the wordexp-test in the 
posix subdirectory.  In the glibc-build/posix directory is an 
executable.  If I run this file, it gives the errors.  If I run it under 
while not in chroot, it gives 5 failures.  If I copy it to belgareth, it 
still gives 5 errors. I uploaded to file to 
http://sol.sac.accd.edu/~bdubbs/wordexp-test .  If I could get someone 
who has a working be-lfs system to download it and tell me what errors 
they get, it would help me to move on.

  -- Bruce

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