glibc make check error

Archaic archaic at
Thu Jun 17 12:23:31 PDT 2004


glibc make check will bail if there is no GID 100? 

Here's a fix:

I haven't fully looked into this, yet, but it would seem that gid 100
isn't special and that glibc is reading the stats of the current user.
100 is what many systems put the user lfs in by default since we don't
set lfs to a group (redhat uses 1000, IIRC, so I'd be interested in
seeing if glibc-build/grp/testgrp.out shows the correct gid or if it
forces 100. Either way, I figure a groupadd command will have to be
included so that lfs is a member of a proper group (again, still have to
see if we must force a gid of 100).

I'm still testing, and will get back to it when I've found out more.


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