udev/hotplug: A call for testers

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jun 17 13:43:26 PDT 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:30:23 -0700 (PDT)
"Jeremy Utley" <jeremy at jutley.org> wrote:

> Actually, with 2.6, LFS *DOES* provide support for alsa - it's in the
> kernel now.

Well, yeah I know that - but the kernel also provides *drivers* for a
whole host of other devices as well, which may (like ALSA) need
additional tools to actually make use of that hardware (e.g.
alsa-lib/alsa-tools/alsa-utils, etc.).

What I was trying to convey is we don't deal with configuring sound
support explicitly in LFS, it is quite rightly a BLFS issue. 
Additionally, I wonder why OSS compatibility is such a big problem?  As
2.6.x kernels have support for ALSA, and it is now officially considered
*the* supported sound provider (at least to my limited knowledge),
requiring OSS compatibility is a bug for upstream audio-related package
maintainers to be made aware of IMO!  Anyway, this is fast going way
OT and encroaching on BLFS territory, so I'll stop now :)

> Matt wrote:
> >
> > What we need is a
> > generic method that allows users (or makes them aware of the need)
> > to easily set up such configurations if they require it.  Is this
> > where 'createfiles'(for devices) and Zack's 'modules' script (for
> > module loading) fits in?
> Yep - exactly.  If we need to load modules at bootup, Zack's script is
> perfect.  However, I think in this specific instance the issue should
> be dealt with in the docs for module-init-utils - and the module
> utilities have ALWAYS been woeful on documentation matters.
> >
> > If someone gets to BLFS and realises they might need OSS
> > compatibility for one of their apps, then BLFS should provide
> > instructions that make use of facilities made available to them via
> > LFS. Now, quite what those facilities are, or need to be I'm unsure,
> > hence the reason for this discussion and the Wiki page.
> It's a simple one-line addition to /etc/modprobe.conf, or use of the
> modules script to auto-load the module.
> See, I'm beginning to understand!

As am I, I think.  Talking of woeful documentation...:)  Is any of this
(the modules script and /etc/modprobe.conf stuff) in the book yet?  I
took a quick look and couldn't see anything immediately.  I'm wondering
how we can provide decent hints as to what is required, without going
into too much detail.  Can those types of devices/modules that aren't
supported by udev & hotplug natively be grouped together in some way (I
keep on thing of them as psuedo-devices and auxilliary modules, but I'm
not sure this is either the correct terminology or even accurate)?


> -J-

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