glibc make check error

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Jun 17 13:47:52 PDT 2004

Archaic wrote:

>glibc make check will bail if there is no GID 100? 
>Here's a fix:
>I haven't fully looked into this, yet, but it would seem that gid 100
>isn't special and that glibc is reading the stats of the current user.
>100 is what many systems put the user lfs in by default since we don't
>set lfs to a group (redhat uses 1000, IIRC, so I'd be interested in
>seeing if glibc-build/grp/testgrp.out shows the correct gid or if it
>forces 100. Either way, I figure a groupadd command will have to be
>included so that lfs is a member of a proper group (again, still have to
>see if we must force a gid of 100).
>I'm still testing, and will get back to it when I've found out more.

During a standard build of CVS, my testgrp.out shows:

My login name is root.
My uid is 0.
My home directory is /root.
My default shell is /bin/bash.
My default group is root (0).
The members of this group are:

  -- Bruce

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