David Jensen djensen at
Sat Jun 19 03:54:28 PDT 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> As discussed on lfs-hackers, grub does not pass its checks because a 
> ufs2 file is too large with gcc-3.4.  Even though the configure file has 
> an option to disable-ufs2, it doesn't seem to work.  ufs2 is still built 
> and the check fails.  Hacking the test to allow a larger file shows all 
> other tests pass (The checks only check the size of certain files).
> There probably should be a comment in the book about this.  It appears 
> that ufs2 is not usable, but I don't beleve a lot of people need it.
>  -- Bruce
actually I have used it to boot freebsd-5.2.1,  I did not read the check 
log!  Any way it does work.

-- David Jensen

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