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Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Tue Jun 22 09:56:25 PDT 2004

Wingman wrote:
> Hi,
> Am I wrong in saying that BLFS lacks server monitoring and related tools ?
> SNMP, RRDtool, MRTG, OpenNMS, Nagios and such ?

If you want to add packaged to BLFS talk it out on blfs-dev. I'm sure 
they accept new stuff. Also, you can always write a hint on it.

> Maybe a more general question : do LFS/BLFS leaders tend to volontary orient
> it to workstation use ? or is it just a natural tendancy of more people
> using it for workstation (right ?) ?

IIRC, I think the current official wisdom is not to use LFS for 
production machines ( Note: I could easily be wrong about that and also 
I frequently use LFS for production machines ). I use LFS on my 
workstations and also on my servers. It just turns out that I don't 
install advanced monitoring tools on my servers that you appear to 

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