SVN repsoitory now live

The Old Fellow nowhere at
Thu Jun 24 01:10:33 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> We're pleased to inform you that the LFS Book sources have now been
> successfully migrated from CVS to SVN.
> For those of you wanting to check out the sources, you can access them
> anonymously via:
> `svn co svn:// LFS` (this will
> get you the latest unstable version of the BOOK (i.e. not the
> bootscripts, or anything else).

I'd just like to report complete success running my fcron daily script 
to re-build the lfs book from the svn repository.

Hiding the change to add the link in the xsl-stylesheets wasn't friendly 
though! (ln -s xsl-stylesheets-1.65.1 xsl-stylesheets-current)

The Old Fellow
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