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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Jun 24 07:18:07 PDT 2004

Archaic wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 11:09:50PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>From lfs6, I am getting a warning when running ldconfig.
>>The warning complains that libreadline-4.3 and libhistory-4.3 are not 
>>symbolic links.  The book has:
> Why is readline in the LFS book? Do we really need commandline history
> for e2fsprogs? Enough to justify adding a package to the base system?

Best I can remember when the discussion took place last month
was that any new features in HEAD would be approved via some
kind of joint developer/community approval process. I don't
believe this process has been fully ironed out yet as too how
it will be done.

Ultimately, it will have to be Gerard's or Matt's decision what
is finally put into the Testing branch.

Perhaps a Wiki page could be maintained, which describes the
major changes currently in HEAD. I know hotplug, udev and
readline have been added and procinfo and ed have been removed.
I might be wrong, there may be others added/missing, I'm just
going on memory.

Check out:
for Matt's suggestion on how/what gets moved from HEAD to Testing.


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