Proposed Change - RFC - net-tools to iproute2

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Sun Jun 27 12:31:30 PDT 2004

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Subject: Re: Proposed Change - RFC - net-tools to iproute2

> Jim Gifford wrote:
> > Thank Bryan for pointing out my typo, I will correctly state my point.
> >
> > It does not affect system performance.
> >
> > As for as hostname, the hostname from coreutils doesn't support -f.
There is
> > a big archive list on this particular topic.
> > Here is the start of the thread
> >
> >
> I couldn't find anything definative on -f?
> Looks to me no change.  The initial discussion was in October of 2003.
> Next discussion was in Jan of 2004 where it looked like the necessary
> changes were taken from gettext's internal hostname.  But 5.2.1 (March
> 2004) does not have the changes.  I didn't look where to get cvs from.
> I personally would like to see the change to iproute 2, but I think at
> least parts of net-tools would to have to stay; hostname and netstat
> have already been discussed...also ifconfig and route (as recomended in
> older versions of the iproute2 hint) should stay as just about everyone
> who would need iproute2 would probably be familiar with ip's use.
> Unfortunately, not the rest of the world is, as ifconfig and route were
> still included with the above mentioned distros last time I checked.
> Another thing, it has a db4 dependacy (I don't know what for or wether
> it's optional) which could potentially mean adding two more packages to
> remove whatever is left of net-tools (minus ifconfig, route, netstat,
> and hostname).
> Now, even with the above arguments against it, I still think it's time
> to *add* iproute2 *if* we can get past the db4 dep.
> -- DJ Lucas
> -- 

One of the patches that is proposed removes the dependency of db. In fact
the only thing that uses db is the arp daemon. Which most of us won't run.
We could have a separate page on BLFS just to add in the arpd daemon.

As far as ifconfig, in Redhat, PLD, and SuSE use a script that uses

Net-tools could be moved to BLFS to keep the tools that everyone seems to
want to keep.

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