SVN usage documentation suggestion

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Jun 27 22:48:49 PDT 2004

When someone gets around to updating the editor's guide(s) to reflect 
the usage of SVN instead of CVS, make it abundantly clear that there is 
no longer any reason to replace "." with "_" in tag/branch names, since 
SVN does not care about these names at all.

For example, the LFS repo currently has v5_1, v5_1_1, etc. as tag names. 
In the future, these should be normal tag names (v5.1, v5.1.1), and 
render scripts that I write if we ever get around to implementing my 
suggestion from last month will be tremendously easier to deal with.

Ideally, if there's a way to rename these existing branches/tags that 
would be fantastic, but if you guys are not comfortable trying that I 
don't want to cause the system to have any more problems :-)

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