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El Dom 02 May 2004 01:27, Anderson Lizardo escribió:

> - Gerard's signature at Foreword section has a (somewhat ugly) gray
> background. I suppose this is because the <literallayout> tag was defined
> on the stylesheet to have such background color. The same goes to the "All
> packages" and "Needed patches" sections.

Yes, the use of "literallayout" for this blocks is improper semantically 
spoken. We must change their XML tagging.

> - I see many occurrences of "--" on the acknowledgements section. Can them
> be replaced with a "wide" dash ("em dash" or — in HTML)?

If this is wanted, should be fixed also in the XML.

> - The page references on "How things are going to be done" have an
> additional space such as "[p.8 ]". The references on the packages index
> seem okay.

Good catch. Look like a bug in FOP or xsltproc (need review the FO file to be 
sure). I can try to solve this for now removing the espace at all to if the 
output is this [p.56] in all places.

> - [not directly related to the PDF output] the "Structure" section
> describes a "Part IV" which doesn't exist.

I think that this is in the Mattew's TODO.

> - Can the cover page and those with the text "Part XX" have a centered
> vertical alignment?

Maybe. I will try do it and see how look.

> Thanks for all your work on this!

Thanks for the feedbacks.

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