Newxml status

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Sun May 2 03:18:38 PDT 2004


Here's a summary of where we're up to with newxml.  Real Life got in the
way of me merging the branch into HEAD this week, but I'll try my best
to get it in tomorrow evening.

I was intending to be in a position to be able to have a second
pre-release doable immediately following the merge, but there's a couple
of issues outstanding. Firstly, Ryan's in the process of finalising the
glibc tarball (only tiny fixes required). Secondly, gcc-3.3.3 will be
going in, assuming I get no complaints that it breaks things badly.  I
personally think a note needs to go in explaining that one of the C++
tests might fail.  If anyone has done investigations into exactly what
causes it (maybe it's platform, hardware, or build-host specific?) I'd
appreciate your input so we can make the note as useful as possible.

Once glibc & gcc are in we'll go to package freeze mode again, and the
only commits permitted will be those addressing spelling/typo and layout
issues.  I'm estimating that LFS-5.1 will finally be out on 2004-05-14!

Thanks for your patience,


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