New version of the console script

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun May 2 07:03:53 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> How about:
> 1) using the ability of the "loadkeys" program to load many keymaps at 
> once
> 2) putting this backspace-delete fix into /etc/kbd/bs-sends-del 
> instead of the console script
> 3) putting some other tweaks (yes, I have some) into other files in 
> /etc/kbd (they should be a part of the bootscripts package)
> 4) adding the following text to the book (feel free to comment or 
> reword):
> The "console" script reads the configuration file 
> /etc/sysconfig/console. If the file is not present, the script does 
> nothing.
> If the file is present, it should set the "KEYMAP" and "FONT" 
> variables that are passed to "loadkeys" and "setfont" programs from 
> the "kbd" package as arguments. If any of these variables is not set, 
> the corresponding program is not being run at all.
> If you need to pass more than one argument, use quotes. This is 
> useful, e.g., if a chosen keymap almost suits you, but you want change 
> some key definitions. Some common tweaks and fixes are provided by the 
> "lfs-bootscripts" package in files under /etc/kbd. Their function is 
> described in comments at the top of each file. WARNING: they may be 
> incompatible with non-qwerty layouts.
> For example, for Russians that like the "ru1" keymap but prefer to 
> switch layouts by the Right Ctrl key (as opposed to Right Alt in the 
> original "ru1" keymap) the following configuration file is correct:
> KEYMAP="ru1 /etc/kbd/right-ctrl-switch"
> FONT="cp866-8x16 -m koi2alt" 

I have only been half following this thread since I don't have any 
issues with keyboard/fonts/language, but I am wondering if there should 
be a separate section of the book that addresses internationalization 
that would put all the issues in one place.  IOW, build a 'stock' system 
and then go back and fix those things that need fixing.

One could also make a case that this section be put in BLFS too. 

I'm not necessarily advocating this approach, but want to bring up an 
alternative.  I apologize if this has come up before, but I don't 
remember it.

  -- Bruce

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