CVS Changes

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon May 3 16:13:46 PDT 2004


Now that lfs-5.1-pre2 is out, the structure of CVS has changed somewhat.

CVS HEAD is now open for large-scale changes, including new build
methods (should we need/invent one) and major package upgrades
(toolchain and kernel related).  It is to be considered an unstable
area as there are no longer any guarantees as to the stability of a
system built from HEAD.

The b6_0 branch is where development for LFS-6.0 will be taking place. 
At the moment a pre1 release is imminent.  This branch contains
kernel-2.6 and associated tools.  This is in effect is what the previous
CVS HEAD was, in that it's relatively stable but not yet mainstream.

The b5_1 branch is where all commits are to be made for the upcoming 5.1
release.  As this is a pre-release, systems built from this book should
be stable, and only bug-fixes, spelling and typo related changes can be
made.  As outlined previously the glibc tarball will be renamed once
complete, but this is the *only* exception to the previous restrictions.

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