5.1 Release Criteria

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Mon May 3 21:26:04 PDT 2004

> Matt,
>   Welcome to management.  :))
>   Now that 5.1-pre2 has been released, I'd like to know what you feel
> the 5.1-final release criteria are.
> As I see it there are several categories to consider.  Here is how I
> would classify them pretty much in the order they should be reviewed.
> o  Are the package versions correct?
> o  Are the patches correct?
> o  Are the build instructions correct?
> o  Are the explainations correct?
> o  Are the bootscripts correct?
> o  Are there any grammer/spelling errors?
> o  Is the layout the way we want it?
> Some of these questions we can probably answer yes right now.  Others
> need to be checked/validated.
>  From reading the -dev list, I don't think all the issues are in
> Bugzilla.  Gerard agreed that we should probably fix all P3 issues and
> above before a release.  As of tonight, we have two P2 and four P3 bugs
> in Bugzilla.  Additionally, we have two P2 and two P3 bugs in the LFS
> Bootscripts section of Bugzilla (At least one is BLFS only).
> What do you see as the outstanding issues and what schedule should we be
> trying to make?
>   -- Bruce

on the bootscript end, there have been only minor, or no development on
the bootscripts since it entered the 2.x branch on the LFS side.  the BLFS
side has been getting some heavy development though.

2.0.4 has everything we need except the heimdal script.  (which is in BLFS).

in lfs-bootscript CVS, I added on the script proposed by alexander, but
it's up to the developers if they want to add it to 5.1 or not.  (at
minimum, we would need his inittab line changes, as well as some textual
change to the loadkeys configuration script page in chapter 7 [one of
them, was loadkeys was renamed to console]). [I'm still pending on this

My suggestion would be to release a cvs checkout of the bootscripts before
I added the changes.  [conveniently at

and hope that BLFS doesnt need any more changes until 5.1 release.  [The
way Alexander has written his new script, if /etc/sysconfig/console does
not exist, it will not do anything, so if someone used a newer version of
the bootscripts it'll still work fine].

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