CVS Changes

Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at
Mon May 3 23:35:20 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess, May 4, 00:13 +0100:

> Now that lfs-5.1-pre2 is out, the structure of CVS has changed
> somewhat.
> CVS HEAD is now open for large-scale changes, including new build
> methods (should we need/invent one) and major package upgrades
> (toolchain and kernel related).  It is to be considered an unstable
> area as there are no longer any guarantees as to the stability of a
> system built from HEAD.

There has previously been some noise 'bout the raison d'etre of CVS
HEAD, mostly generated by people complaining that

	``CVS used to be semi-stable, and I've been using it to build
	stable systems from all my life, and now it won't even build
	anymore, you bastards!'' :-)

I for one welcome the change-of-policy wholeheartedly, but may I suggest
that there be some BOLD announcements of it on the web site, in the news
section, say?


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