CVS Changes

jeremy at jeremy at
Tue May 4 00:23:47 PDT 2004

> Matthew Burgess, May 4, 00:13 +0100:
>> Now that lfs-5.1-pre2 is out, the structure of CVS has changed
>> somewhat.
>> CVS HEAD is now open for large-scale changes, including new build
>> methods (should we need/invent one) and major package upgrades
>> (toolchain and kernel related).  It is to be considered an unstable
>> area as there are no longer any guarantees as to the stability of a
>> system built from HEAD.
> There has previously been some noise 'bout the raison d'etre of CVS
> HEAD, mostly generated by people complaining that
> 	``CVS used to be semi-stable, and I've been using it to build
> 	stable systems from all my life, and now it won't even build
> 	anymore, you bastards!'' :-)
> I for one welcome the change-of-policy wholeheartedly, but may I suggest
> that there be some BOLD announcements of it on the web site, in the news
> section, say?
> uli

Well, the new naming structure for the different branches pretty much
opens that up.  For those who have been building from CVS all the time,
they should now use the "Testing" instructions.  Only those who are REALLY
daring would want to use the "Unstable" stuff from HEAD.


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