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Tue May 4 06:04:32 PDT 2004

On Tue, 4 May 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Bill's LFS Login said the following on 04-05-2004 13:45:
> > The "gurus" on this list grow increasingly smug and intolerable with time.
> Having a bad day and taking it out on me?

No, and no.

> > If you serve your users, rather than yourself, that *may* be a factor.
> Another cheap shot. Please read my other replies in this thread on which
> I speak of *compromise*, serving both text browsers and graphic browsers
> the most usable and accessible experience for our purposes.

Not a cheap shot by intention. But when people use words like "stupid"
describing things in disagreement with their own views, the question
arises "who is being served". "Stupid" is a value judgment that serves
limited purposes.

Anyway, not important. If you took offense, I meant none. I was only
trying to highlight that there are different audiences possible here. If
the designers serve themselves, one criteria applies. If thy serve
users, a different criteria may apply.

> Just because some people like the convience of duplicated navigation
> doesn't mean everybody needs them, especially when they actually slow
> down navigation in text browsers and make them harder to *read*; a goal
> which seems counter to what we're trying to achieve, namely get people
> to *read*. I rarely use text browsers, so it's not *my* needs which I
> try to serve)

Then why not just do a poll a get some hard data? I suspect that most
users of text browsers (including myself under certain circumstances) do
not find the dupe links either "inconvenient" or even a major
irritation. To break with a longstanding methodology on (mostly)
supposition, like "inconvenient", "most users", etc. may not be sound.
Granted, there are other times and circumstances when this is the
reasonable thing - usually when addressing things which don't have
longstanding background and/or polling/data acquisition is not
reasonable. But here polling is easily done (demonstrated by you folks
recently) and the methodology is longstanding *and* by projects other
than LFS (including some that are widely used).

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