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El Mar 04 May 2004 16:40, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> Maybe there is a way to please everybody.  I've been reading about xslt
> stylesheets lately and maybe we can create one that targets text
> browsers.  It would require a second run of xsltproc within a make file
> and thus be completely automated.  We don't have time to do that right
> now, but perhaps in a couple of months when 6.0 is out and things calm
> down a bit.

This mean two versions of the book, one for text browsers and one for graphic 
browsers, rigth? The change needed in the stylesheet is very easy to do, no 
problem for this.

But then, the main sever and all the mirrors should be able to server the 
proper version based in the requests from the client browser. Not easy to do.

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