locales in tests

Ken Moffat ken at kenmoffat.uklinux.net
Thu May 6 05:30:13 PDT 2004

OK, so I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I'll ask here because it
looks like the wording of the book is maybe missing something.

I've had problems with gettext in the past - it fails tests and outputs
what looks like good French to the screen, or at least it would if the
font was set to display it properly.  Discovered this only happened if I
went for the "minimal" locales, so chickened out and just installed all
of them.

Now we've got fa_IR added, and my problems are growing.

gettext -

`printf of translation wrong' followed by FAIL: format-c-5

later, lang-c, lang-c++, lang-sh, lang-gawk all seem to fail on French

perl -

/run/fresh_perl.t line 53 (fa_IR)

lib/locale failed at test 105

Do I need to set some sort of LC variable when I enter chroot ?
printenv looks pretty sparse, I'm reasonably happy I've got all of the
settings from the book, and I'm semi-confident that just installing all
of the locales will fix this.

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