[RFC] Hotplug inclusion

Richard A Downing FBCS richard at 109bean.org.uk
Fri May 7 01:40:46 PDT 2004

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Richard A Downing FBCS said the following on 07-05-2004 08:02:
>> So we take autotools out too?  Nothing depends on them, IIRC.
>> Hotplug makes a significant improvement, and should be in 6.0
>> +1.
> The standard reply, however lame, has always been: we have a working set 
> of packages which build a minimal but usable and extendable system. We 
> don't add any packages unless it's a build requirement for a base 
> package or if it's functionality is considered a base function.
> I'd really like to see hotplug in LFS-6.0 but it doesn't fit the above 
> criteria. At the moment, hotplug's functionality is similar to alsa - 
> it's great to have but not strictly necessary if you don't do modules 
> (or don't have a soundcard). IMHO it's really a BLFS package because 
> it's not required for *everybody*.
> -1

OK, so we take grub out then.  Sparc-ies don't need it.

Actually I don't really mind, but it must be in either LFS or BLFS.  At 
the moment it's in neither.  It could usefully go into BLFS right now.

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP

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