[RFC] Hotplug inclusion

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Fri May 7 18:36:28 PDT 2004

Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
> Alexander,
> Where can we find information about this 'correct' configuration?  The 
> Linux-hotplug website seems very 2.6-shy.

I got it by trial and error, and by reading the hotplug scripts. BTW the 
information on http://linux-hotplug.sourceforge.net/?selected=pci is 

Proof that we don't need pciutils:

in the block starting with line 25 of pci.rc in hotplug-2004_04_01, only 
  bash, coreutils, and files in /sys are used. The "pcimodules" utility 
is used in this file only in the 2.4 path (starting at line 45).

Proof that we don't need usbutils if uhci-hcd, ohci-hcd and ehci-hcd are 
modules (this is what I mean as a correct configuration):

The pci.rc file runs. It probes the relevant hcd module. The kernel will 
itself enumerate all USB devices and generate "real" hotplug events 
dispatched to usb.agent. And this agent parses the modules.usbmap file 
by bash functions and probes the relevant modules.

The need for usbutils arises when one compiles his hcd driver not as a 
module. The scenario:

The kernel detects the USB controller, enumerates the devices on it, and 
generates the hotplug events. But, since the root filesystem is not 
mounted yet, they are lost. Later the usb.rc script runs and detects the 
modules with the help of the usbmodules program.

If your hcd driver is a module, you can safely delete the usb.rc file.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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